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A Texas Dump Dog originated in the Texas Revolution when one soilder took a major dump in a hot dog bun then feed their enemy the warm meal. After the enemy or sexual partner has eaten the dump dog, the "server" fucks the "served" mouth.
I gave dis bitch a texas dump dog and she puked on my junk before I could finish.

She got my special, a extra long chili texas dump dog.
by Billy LangHenry March 03, 2009
A tornado potatoe is when you take a raw or cooked potatoe and shove it up someones asshole in a twisting, tornado-like, motion.
Grab that potatoe out of the oven and give me a tornado potatoe.

Don't put too many toppings on that potatoe I'm using it for a tornado potatoe.
by Billy LangHenry April 06, 2009
A philly jizz steak originated in a dirty ass public school cafeteria when one of the cafeteria dudes in the back replaced the common ingredient of liquid cheese with jizz on the philly cheese steaks to make a philly jizz steaks
Yo lemme get a philly jizz steak with extra jizz

I understand the sandwich is 2.99, but is jizz extra?
by Billy LangHenry March 06, 2009
A shildo, much like an alaskan pipeline, is a shit dildo. But it is not frozen. The shildo is nice and warm and can fall apart in your hands.
Ohhh shove your shildo in my mouth.

I'm done with this shildo, throw it in a hot dog bun and let's make some texas dump dogs.
by Billy LangHenry March 06, 2009

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