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An exclamation often yelled amongst Juggaloes when kicking it.
Somewhat like "Whoop, Whoop".
"Whoop, Whoop, Juggalotus!"
by Billy LaPierre September 29, 2006
A lokote is a gang banger which is beyond Loco. It is an extremely psychotic individual who is down with his set and would shed his blood or others in a heartbeat for his gang.
It is a term created by a gang from Granger WA. The complete name of the gang is Lil Valley Lokotes. The mahority of it's members are in prison due to there Lokote lifestyle.
First guy: What's up Homie? What set You bang?
Lokote: Lil Valley Lokotes' Puto!
by Billy LaPierre September 29, 2006
An asshole who keeps pounding you with useless bullshit. The type of person that is a pest. Societies ingrown toe nail. The idiot you meet at work, on the bus, in line at the supermarket who decides that you need to know everything about them even when you have no desire to.
"That jerk hammer would not shut the fuck up! I didn't even know him and that jerk hammer kept yapping about his sick mother and his noisy neighbors."
by Billy LaPierre December 21, 2006
A city amidst cities. Located in The Lower Yakima Valley in Washington state. Home to criminals and crackheads. Danger lurks around every corner for the bustas, Levas and snitches that try to inhabit it's streets.One of the poorest regions of Washington state. A population of roughly 3000, this town which has now become a city is quickly growing and soon to be a metropolis. Batman watch out.
I live in the big bad granger Town. 20 miles from no where. LOL!
by Billy LaPierre June 05, 2007
Juaggalicious is a term which describes the "Juggalo" lifestyle. It is a constant reminder that life is fresh and that it does rain diamonds. It is also a description of things positive.
"Damn That bitch is Juggalicious
by Billy LaPierre December 21, 2006
Granger is a spot where wickedness rains,terror dwells,and shadows lurk. A city in the Yakima Valley engulfed in secrecy. Zombies plague the streets consuming drugs at an unnerving rate. Crackheads and criminals divide there spoils with junkies and fiends. The safest place in the city is locked inside your home with doors and windows barricaded. It has a small population due to citizens constantly being imprisoned or collapsing from overdoses. The few who remain spend there days either slanging Yayo or sniping crackheads. Either way it is a dark existence.
Granger is the city of silence.

by Billy LaPierre December 21, 2006
The abbreviation for one of the most violent and feared gangs in the Pacific Northwest. The initials stand for Lil Valley Lokotes. They are a group of individuals well known for heartless actions and violent crimes. What started as a small group of friends in the Yakima Valley area in WA state quickly grew into an army of criminals, hustla's and killers. They are well known in the penitentary and on the streets.
Click, Click, Bang Bang, Big Bad LVL Gang!
by Billy LaPierre September 29, 2006
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