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This phenominon occurs when an employee residing in his cubicle begins to flatulate with such fortitude that the inner walls of his cubicle begin to marinate with the foul odor, retaining the smell in the small confinement of the cubicle. At times, the smell can last for hours, actually gaining in strength with time.
"Baxter sure is marinating in his Dutch-Cubicle today... I guess the Chilli special for lunch was a bad idea."
by Billy Klips May 15, 2008
A group of a variable amount. When referring to alcoholic consumption, the number is far less that 12. When referring to any food product (typically foods high in fat content), the number is far greater than 12.
"Man, I go so fat-bodied last night on a Minko's dozen of Pirogis!" or "He'll be fine... he only had a Minko's dozen of Zima."
by Billy Klips May 18, 2007

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