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That shit G's put on to smell good. it could be deodorant cologne perfume anything that hides covers or changes the odor of a G.
Damn, you fresh whatcha got on?

Dats just my geodorant.
Nasty Shit, i.e. sock fuzz,or nasty shit in or around a bath tub, sink or any that should be clean even around a person "whoo whoo" areas.
Nigga i aint gone suck you dick look at dat skuzzadafuzzz
it's when you 2 old to do the 1 on 1 action involved in da 1-12.
Grandpa died so now grandma don't do da 1-12 she gotta do da 2-11 until she get a man wit viagra.
When you finna put it one yo loved one, i'm talkin bout the freak shit: doin it anywhere, goin down, anytime anyplace or anything 112(the group) can tell you to do. The passion is blazing
It was his birthday so you know i had put da 1-12 on him.

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