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Amazy Crazy is when something is both amazing and crazy AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Can also refer to a sauce created by Bill Eburn at Seagull Beach, Cape Cod
That sauce is amazy crazy!!!!
by Bill Eburn April 20, 2005
A total n00b with a really cool hat.
Bluie is a total n00b with a really cool hat!
by Bill Eburn April 19, 2005
The sped of the animal kingdom... A semi-aquatic duck billed egg laying poisonis mammal...
Holy crap look at that platypus... I bet that if he weren't a semi-aquatic duck billed egg laying poisonis mammal he wouldn't be such a sped
by Bill Eburn April 30, 2005
The most annoying noise to create humor ever!!! Is the noise that someone at my work's computer plays FREAKING LOUD every time he gets an e-mail.
Caw Caw, Caw Caw, this is the sound of settling!


CAW CAW!!! ::knock everything off desk, throw a chair through the window then jump out while yelling CAW CAW!!!
by Bill Eburn April 22, 2005
A prefix meaning Wicked (started by Bill, Dan, and Matt), often found humorous when combined with a word begining with 'w'.
That chick is wihot.
The pool is wiwet.
Matt's farts are wibad!
by Bill Eburn August 15, 2005
Originates from Invader Zim. When Gir (or anyone) has such a revelation, or stupid moment that they feel that their brain may explode from stupidity.
Simon: What is a dialog box?
Me:... are you serious? I think i'm going to suffer from head explody!
by Bill Eburn April 20, 2005

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