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A mall crawler is any truck or suv that's hella lifted and that's got like 33's. But the difference is not a spec of dirt can be found on it showing that it's not actually used for off road. The name comes from the word rock crawler which is a truck actually used for offroad rock crawling.

-Also known as a street princess
-Also known as a small penis
kyle"look at all those SRH fags waxing their trucks"
Me,"yeah they're getting ready to cruise over to the mall to show off their mall crawlers."
Kyle,"well they gotta have something to compensate their little dics

Chrome rims and to much lift along with no front drive shaft.. Make this a certifiable Mall Crawler..

THis is an example of a real rock crawler. Complete with dents scratches and lots of dirt.
by bill cosby June 18, 2006
The ability to slur one's words for the good of the gerbil emporium.
Great! I just Retwetweg'ed for the good of the Gerbil Emporium!
by Bill Cosby August 04, 2004
a mythical creature wich is known to feast on animal blood such as goats, dogs, etc.
(means "goat sucker" in spanish.)
i have seen the chupacabra! and its hideous mannnn. i mean its freakin ugly.
by bill cosby November 22, 2002
the sucking of a nutsack
my balls hurt so bad. i think it was from that sackjob last night.
by bill cosby November 21, 2002
The Gerbil Emporium is a place where people can go and Retwetweg the night away.

Its usually situated just off the M52 in England. You can find it by the glowing teal eyes in the moonlight and the dancing virgins around fire places.
Ger...Ger..Ge...GERBIL EMPORIUM!!! You too can now own your very own piece of Gerbil by visiting the Ger...Ger..Ge...GERBIL EMPORIUM!!!
by Bill Cosby August 04, 2004
one who steals or has a great obsession with turds
sick, get away from me turd burglar!
by bill cosby November 21, 2002
a big hairy, wet gooch with tomato sauce
my galunis is a spicy meatball
by bill cosby December 12, 2003
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