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Its Peanut-Butter Jelly Time
IPBJT With a baseball bat
by BilZ0r March 06, 2004
Vagina aka box verticle smile yoni cunt .....
Bill: Dude, something smells like a vietnamese resteruant!
Richard: Yeah, I think its her fungal jungle.
by BilZ0r February 23, 2004
Adj. Having one's penis showing
Aidan: Did you see Tim before? I heard he was totally naked.
Bill: No, he wasn't even dick-out.
by bilz0r March 19, 2005
Cock Stuffing is the act of inserting an erect penis into the urethra of another man, in order to recieve sexual gratification.
Fuck, Jared St-Clair is such a fucking cock stuffer.
by BilZ0r February 23, 2004
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