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5 definitions by Bigs

A bong goblin is a young lady who is a permanent fixture of the student house party scene.

Can be found congregating in a smoky corner in the darkest recess of the party, getting wasted on any homemade weed delivery mechanism such as a bong. A bong goblin generally passes out due to copious inhalation of said weed.

The bong goblin is also generally a candidate for a good ol' tee-bagging and the occasional spooge incident.

In summary, a crack whore in training
Kev - Did you see Sophie at the party last night? She was wasted man

Chris - She is nothing but a Bong Goblin

Kev - I hear that
by bigS March 28, 2014
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a name for a tinny house were one wuld buy hooch or wats commenly known as weed in new zealand
lets go to the green grocer and get sum veges
by bigs July 05, 2004
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When you are taking a shit, and the water level in the toilet is too high, and your penis dips itself in the nasty shit-filled toilet water.
Because my dick is large, when I took a shit the other day, it took a dip in the pool.
by Bigs July 08, 2004
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When you're getting it on with a girl and she all of the sudden dries up, you have to quickly eat her out for awhile to get her wet again before you lose your hard on.
When she dried up during sex, I had to give her a jiffy lube to keep it going.
by bigs October 29, 2006
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When someone gets too drunk, takes a shit, wipes his ass with a hotel hand towel, throws it in the toilet, and then realizes he can't flush it, so he leaves it there, marinating in shit until morning.
Wake up you motherfucker and take your showel out of the toilet, dude, I have to take a piss.
by bigs August 05, 2005
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