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To go through something looking for one thing only to leave the rest for the next poor bastard.
Brown rat fucked the the assorted cookies taking the chocolate chip ones and leaving the oatmeal
by bigious alious March 15, 2009
Is a disease that causes people the lack of want to go to or belong to a gym. Often leading to swollen pockets of fat throughout the body
Dang, that girls looks like shes got lackagymitis, thats just too bad.

Dang if he didnt have lackagymitis he could probably lose a lot of jelly.

Brown has been suffering from lackagymitis for the last few weeks, we keep asking if he wants to go but he would rather play Gears of War.
by Bigious Alious March 23, 2009

Is the lack of wanting to do any kind of physical training what so ever, much like lackagymitis. This disease makes people to lazy to get off their asses to do any kind of physical labor. It is also much like being a couch potatoe. Unfortunately this disease is most commonly found in military members who just stopped giving a fuck.

I lost all my results from basic after returning home due to lackaptitis.

Oh shit I have a pt test coming up at the end of the month, damn that lackaptitis I guess I am going to have to fail cause I am not going to get out of the AC to do any kind of running
by bigious alious March 23, 2009
A word phrase most commonly used when gaming. In literal translation it means to kick the living shit out of another player while in a PVP or RPG world. Mostly used in a shocked manner after someone performs or witnesses the immediate kill of another player.
Damn!! That blue team member just yodadyerass. I am ashamed for you. Its like he made you stick a demon flare in your own mouth.

Hell yeah I just yodadyerass
by Bigious Alious April 07, 2009
a ninja rock is a rock that sneaks up on you while walking or running and causes you to either twist, sprain, or break your ankle. At the very least it will make you say ouch that hurt. Most commonly happens at night when you cant really see whats on the ground so well.
I was walking to the chow hall with my roomies and out of nowhere this ninja rock made me twist my ankle.

Aww fuck damn ninja rock just tried to take me out. I hate those sneaky bastards.

Dude Caleb was walking to back from the store last night and stepped on a ninja rock. It put him on crutches man.
by bigious alious May 20, 2009
A group of people who pride themselves in being strict and hardcore to the outsider. Someone who takes pride in how the uniform looks on them, but cannot even spell ASVAB (not asvap dumb ass) an abbreviation of the test required to enter any military branch. This strange group of people are happy living in conditions that make the ghetto look like Beverly Hills. They make fun of what they don't understand ie. the Air Force and the Army. A group that is proud of the fact that they were in Fallujah and stirred up a hornets nest. However they forget to mention the Army had to come in and save their asses. It is a given that their ]Basic Training] is among if not the toughest, but being stronger than the man or woman beside them does not make them bullet proof. Being in the US flying a UAV or hiding behind the Army does. These people think that they are better than every one around them, but are in fact no different than any of the people around them. All signed a voluntary contract, all proudly serve (however misguided it may be), and all would die proudly in battle for the country they serve and protect. The biggest difference between any other branch of the military and Marines is the fact that all other branches have the ability to use common sense
Wow, are we on a Military installation or did we go to the ghetto? I thought military bases were well kept. I guess the Marines here in Hawaii don't know how to maintain their buildings.

Dang I saw that guy in the gym every day too bad his brain wasn't strong enough to tell him to get out of the way of that bullet.

Why don't Marines have their own medics? Because they rely on the Navy for everything else they figure what the hell we will use theirs since none of our guys are smart enough to learn how to do it.

I guess the Army gives all the junk helicopters to the Marines. They are the only branch to still rely heavily on the Huey and the Cobra. Hello try upgrading to a Black Hawk or an Apache!! They are newer and more sophisticated machines never mind simplicity is more your cup of tea. SORRY!!

by Bigious Alious May 02, 2009

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