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2 definitions by BigTree

Noun: An undesirable person or object that is unwanted and rejected.

Adjective: Used to describe someone's repulsiveness. (For lack of better words)
Example 1: "Hey Jim! How was your date?"

Jim: "Dude... She was a straight up trashboat. I couldn't even eat."

Example 2: "Don't bring that trashboat to my party bro, or I'll fuck your sister."
by Bigtree June 27, 2012
German for Anthony. Commonly used to describe "The Love Machine". Considered Smurf-like due to clothing apparel.

verb form anatolved... "To sassify, To become Sassy"
That guy went into the store and was made pissy by the employees. He was anatolved all day.
by BigTree December 30, 2008