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BMF- the one call option. The person you can call no matter what the time or what the reason or where you are who will come without question and get you outta there, or at least provide lawyers, guns and money.
Thank goodness my BMF Bail money friend was sober, or else I never would have gotten out of that speed-trap town.
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by BigTex March 27, 2012
A barren, ugly, boring territory between texas and canada. A boring state that's only sense of pride is their football team. they also talk like they have naturally beutifull. that is bullshit. Oklahoma is not only barren ugly and landlocked but has the shittiest weather in the 50 states. Broken arrow is NOT beutifull you lying cumsuckers! it was a waste of my time. Oklahoma is such a boring shithole that they somehow find pleasure in making fun of the great state of texas. Texas is not on your level. We have more people, fun cities, cool beaches (corpus and galveston), piney woods, mountains( yes we do have mountains but they are in the middle of nowhere) a powerful economy, and a proud exotic history. whats with his damn rivalry with us. Texas should be having rivalries with other great self dependent states such as california, or new york that also kick-ass like texas.
Californian- where are you from?
Oklahoman- the great state of oklahoma!
Californian- where the hell is that
Oklahoman- north of that lousy state of texas! we always beat them at footbal!
californian- why do I care?

oklahoman- wow you lost to our footbal team texas you poopooheads
Texan- come he sooner ass-bitch
(bitch slap and kick in the balls)
oklahoman- please dont hurt me mr texan! dont!
by bigtex December 26, 2004
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