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to look at someone (up & down) in a mean and intimidating way.
Damn, that nigga was straight mean muggin me like he was hard or some shit.
by BigSloMo April 28, 2006
a police helicopter (usually in urban areas) trying to catch a criminal.
Saw a ghetto bird with numbers on the bottom, callin all cars I think we got 'em !
by BigSloMo April 28, 2006
a female from the 'hood that is generally known for smokin weed, drinkin 40's, and givin up that pussy. (could sometimes be a thug bitch as well, usually unemployed and "on the county")
Damn, them hoochies aint about shit. Let's just get 'em fucked up and FUCK!
Damn, I'd sho' love to fuck that hoochie!
by BigSloMo April 28, 2006

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