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This is derived from the poem, "Nothing gold can stay." by Robert Frost. Often used about staying true to yourself and holding onto the innocence of youth.

Also a clothing brand, Stay Gold Clothing make some pretty rad tees.
Example 1: Stay Gold, Ponyboy

Example 2: You heard of Stay Gold? I just bought a tee off there man!
#stay gold #robert frost #clothing #apparel #nothing gold can stay #sty gold #stay true
by BigName July 02, 2010
A man who repeatedly pulls his trousers up by the belt suddenly in a seizure like manner.
Echo: Looks like Hoiker needs to go D state on a me belt.

Captain: ayyyye just seen him perform a full length belt hoik whilst letting out a little truffle pump.
#belt #trousers #trouser #pants #hoiking
by bigname July 28, 2015
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