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see: nutcase, klingon
1. n. person that wont leave your house, even when asked to go away.

2. v. when you see your girl, getting way to close to smashin yo shit, all bacuse she found panties in yo couch that belong to somone else.
1. get the fuk out you pycho bitch.

2. Wwww-what the hell those are yo panties bitch, now put down, the manalo records.
by BigE, mofuka July 24, 2002
1. a sack for holding nuts
2. a sack for holding yo nuts ie. balls
3. see pycho
1. may i have a nut form your case, please.
2. yo close yo legs man !! I can see your nutcase.
3. Damm ! that bitch is a nutcase.
by BigE, mofuka July 24, 2002

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