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Refers to the skills, game, and attitude put forth to have sex with one ore more attractive women in a short period of time.
Yeah, she said she'll just have to share my bed with me after the party... She knows I'm breaking out the smash set brah!
by BigDicksOnDeck May 02, 2011
Similar to the phraseIn my Bag, and Swag. Refers specifically to a state of confidence, charm, and luck with the opposite sex. Usually due to dress, attitude, or level of intoxication.
Guy1-"Hey, have you seen Jesse?"

Guy2-"Yeah, he just walked out with that fine ass white girl."

Guy1-"Oh shit, foreal? I saw him fuckin' with that Asian chick on the dancefloor earlier..."

Guy2-"Yeah dougie, he's in his swag bag tonight."
by BigDicksOnDeck May 02, 2011

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