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The greatest kids TV show ever made. Mistaken for an Anime TV show but it is just a cartoon with Asian characters. Young boy, Aang, trys to save the world. He lives in a would where people can manipulate or "bend" the elements. hence "airbender". Aang who is the avatar can bend all four elements(fire, earth, water, air) while a select few have the ability to bend the element of their nation. The symbolism, complex fighting styles, growth of characters, emotion, and much more make this the best nickelodeon television show created thus far.
1. Avatar the last airbender fans do not hate or "bash" Anime. Avatar fans just have an appreciation quality shows, and some Anime is extemely good.

2.most people who watch Avatar the last airbender are children or adults that know what good TV really is. If you would pull your head out of your ass for 5 min you might see that.

3. Yes i'm sure lots of people would love to fuck Katara. Shes hot! Just like you ^ I'm sure watch plenty of Anime porn and dream about fictional characters all the time.

4. Avatar teaches love, respect, and hard work. You can call me an avatard all you want but it is a great series.
by BigD54 October 13, 2009

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