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1. Mad case of Assgina.
2. When the vagina is linked to the butt crack, therefore no space inbetween the anus and..well..you get it.
1. Damn she's sweaty, she left her unicrack print on the seat.

2. I'm sorry Miss, we're going to have operate on your anis. Ok, pass me the unicracker.

3. "Unicrack, from front to back."
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
1. Severe Lazyness in one or both eyes. Severity of lazy eye(s) depends on amount of cocksucking performed prior to elonged exposure to the sun and chlorine of the pool.
2. Seeing someone from the extreme corner of your eye.
3. Whorrible photo of oneself exposing a queer position of the eye(s).
1. -Damn, I spent all day in the pool, and now my eye looks like this!
-That sucks, bro, you got some severe Lamouche eye. The girls wont wantcha now, except the prostitots.

2. Yo that bytch was FINE! I saw her looking at me with Lamouche eye.

3. Dude! Your Bus pass is whack! Mads case of Lamouche eye.
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
1. An alteration of the common Export beer.
2. When used by freshman jockeys to induce sexual desire of the opposite sex.
1. "Mmmm beer, my one and only love. Come to daddy, my little Sexport."
2. "Hey baby, you lookin' fine. Have a beer, on me."
"Hee hee, ok"
"Whoa, you drank that fast. Have another."
"I fink I'm a whittle dunk."
"Hey baddy, this Sexport works like a charm."
by Big Toker April 26, 2003
1. Refering to garbage.
2. garb : garbage
beige: see beigemouth
1. That movie sucked, Shalow Hal, sheeit, I can't believe he went for the fat chick...Garbeige!!

2. Hullo, I'm a garbeige man.
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
Patented Vanier Vest allows the user,(Vanier lifeguards) to withstand various forms of abuse usually deriving from either the "children" or more commonly "wannabe thugs" of Vanier. This device, made from to boards of poly-urythane foam, also known as "flutterboards" or "kickboards" is secured in place with a healty helping of duct tape. Hand crafted, these Vanier Vests are suitable for withstanding : stabbings, gunshot wounds, shotguns, 9mm, uzi, spittle, rocks, bio-hazardous material, blunt objects, knukle sandwiches and seringes. To ensure the full safety of you're Lifeguards, in-vest in Vanier Vests.
Hoodlum:"Gimme all yer munny!"
Vanier lifeguard: "Vanier Vest deploy!"
Hoodlum: "Oh sheeit, he's got a Vanier Vest, let's jet!"
Vanier Lifeguard : "Do like the birds and flock off!"
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
1. Scrotation, comes from scrotum & rotation. Refering to a "rotation" while scratching ones nutsack. Example: at a job, (i.e. workshift), also commonly used amongst Vanier Lifeguards when changing guarding positions.
1. Scrotation! ... SCROTATION!!! ... GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!!

2. I scrotated the tires on my Lada yesterday, what a job.
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
1. The result from eating to much anus.
2. Referring to someone who is being a major dickhead.
3. Used when jokingly calling a friend/acquaintance.
1. "Come on Dave, everyone knows what beigemouth is. It's when you eat too much anis!"
2. Yanni plays some facking terrible music, no wonder, it comes from his beigemouth.
3. "Yo beigemouth, pick me up a 24 of Sexport."
by Big Toker April 26, 2003
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