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A shorter version for “babies daddy”
We can drink some 40's tonight since my "baddy" Jamal picked up Lafonda for his weekend custody.
by Mike Borch June 26, 2007
Someone who is extremely bad at a certain task. Commonly used by gamers towards an opponent.
Wow, I just owned you, baddy!
by Jerren November 16, 2006
N. a goofy or funny looking person; a creeper; a person who doesnt drink at a party.
(guy standing on the wall at a party)
"check baddy out"
by The Best4114 November 25, 2009
common misspelling of baddie - still means a non-good guy from a video game
Ganondorf is the baddy from The Legend of Zelda, Bowser is one from Mario, etc
by TheMagnificentPouf January 28, 2007
similar to "body".

name for a bad body. a just downright ugly body. a baddy.
me: "dayum, Jim, yo girl has one hell of a baddy."
jim: "shush man, don't hate"
by Gramsis May 27, 2011
Just like goodies, only that sounds like something a little kid would say. You only whip out the word "baddies" when you mean business. Genetalia-related business.
"Claire, wrap up those baddies!"
by JonPalmer August 20, 2007
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