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When a persons nipples are large and puffy, and very sensitive to touch.
Owen: Dude you got some big nips let me sqeeze them.

Nick: Don't sqeeze my acorn nipples that would really hurt.
by Big Moke January 21, 2008
Usually completed by a large group of girls, it is when a person rubs anothers belly until they fall into a deep slumber. It is popular in many rural areas as well as european countries.
Pheobs: just keep belly balding im almost in a slumber state

Allie: alright here comes hyper-speed

Pheobs: ZZZZZzzzzz......

Mer: Nice job shes hybernating
by Big Moke May 11, 2008
Having sexual intercourse with a mexican woman/man
Tim: Did you get lucky with Guadalupe last night?
Kevin: Hell yea, I got straight up Chipotlaid
by Big Moke January 22, 2011
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