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11 definitions by Big Mac

To have possesion of a fire-arm
Im' strap witta gat
by Big MAC September 19, 2003
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Does NOT have to be unknown, it can also be a rapper that was underground yet kept the style and became extremely popular and well-selling commercial material
Pharoahe Monch and Wu-tang clan have music that is not bombarded with commercial material yet sell heaps
by Big Mac December 25, 2003
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another phrase for "free drama classes" that gives twenty highly disturbed teenage girls access to long poles, sabre's, rifle's, and the ability to kick their faces with their legs. basically, if you really want to die, go tell one of the girls that they remind you of an old cheerleading buddy. they'll go tai chi on ur ass.
Joe: Whoa... dude... did you see that gaurdie shove that flag up that guys ass? he must've cheated on her or something.
Frank: AHHH! cover your balls man... they're coming towards us with sabre's!
Joe: Oh no... my artificial leg just broke... go on without me... SAVE YOURSELF!!!!!!
by Big Mac May 21, 2004
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having the quality of fabulousness to an unbearable extreme; completely and utterly fabulous; possibly a latent homosexuality
1. Let us revisit the fabulousity of the 80s.
2. That corral silk shirt just highlights his fabulousity.
by Big Mac December 05, 2004
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A person that weighs in excess of 300 pounds and is always acting idiotic.
Yow is such a fat idiot.
by Big Mac July 21, 2004
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To be McQuarried, is to be so drunk you have to phone your girlfriend / boyfriend to come and get you and take you home.
Bob was absolutly McQuarried last night after 25 pints.
by Big Mac November 23, 2004
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When a someone in a car changes gear faster than the speed of light ...
Yo see that geeza... " bullet shifting " then son !
by BIG MAC March 02, 2012
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