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a overly large middle aged woman that breaths excessively loud when she walks. usually has an enormous amount of perfume on to cover her breath pits and ass. you can usually find stank mama'swhen in the mall, airport, or in the hood.
"damn stank mama, you didnt even bother to put on no socks today. let alone the g-string stickin out ya crack. dat string must have funk."
by Big DoggWW August 11, 2009
Used when a nigga is at total dis-belief of what he saw or what someone else or himself has said. the act is when the people around him/her approach him/her and fan him with their hand, paper, fanner, etc..
dolla- "i went to pop eyes yesterday, had me some mashed potatoes and a biscuit..oh not to mention that bangin ass fried chicken....OOOOOHHH CHILD THAT FRIED CHICKEN WAS GOOD..OOOOOOHH CHILD..I can't breeev..

fox- "fan em'!!"

(a whole bunch of ppl around them, appraoch dolla and fan him with whatever object creats wind.)
by Big DoggWW January 01, 2008
a response to a question or statement that means..."hell no" or "definately not". its direct meaning is No. but is added with a little tone making the person who said the statment feel stupid or embarressed. the way to pronounce this word is simple... simply say nah like you would say "Nay" but add the aa sound like in apple.
aaron- yo check out the Raw Nike's!!!! there madd fresh son. aint they hot?

danyo- Nah??

graham- yo im comin over to aarons house and im gonna fuck ur cousin...

danyo- Nah??
by Big DoggWW January 01, 2008
1. A person that does the Most minimum needed work for a big time Succecer.

2. A person who does the most risky and dangerous jobs for someone else and is barely or Terribly compensated.
"I need to get this Kilo of cocaine into the US through mexico on foot, I don't know anyone courageous enough for this task." -Miguel

"Hire a Fuckin baggage hound... Anyone in this Area would Break there ass for 300 USD. The cost is minimal."
by Big DoggWW January 15, 2015

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