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The land were the n00bs live.
noob: liekomg roxors yor boxors omgwtfbbq
dude: stfu noob, run back to n00bia
noob: ,>_<,
by Big D March 15, 2005
breakfast for the l33t supa h4x0rs

it has a shiatload of teh sugar in it
bob: I'm famished, gimme something to eat or I'll devour your dog.
joe: o_O;; *waves wtf flag* have some l33t flakes
bob: lmao
by Big D March 16, 2005
in basketball terms, to get shook up very badly with the crossover dribble or a tight trick such as something off And-1.
Jeffrey broke Bens ankles in a game of 32 tips yesterday.
by Big D June 05, 2003
a term used for something very cool, tight, or outa dis world.
same as: -off da hook
-off da chain
term used only in the hood.
by Big D June 05, 2003
place where a jerk is produced, put through riggerous asshole testing and once certified, sent out into society
slow drivers are probably from a jerk factory
by big d May 01, 2004
funny enough to roll over the ground laughing
you must construct additional pylons
above poster is roflable
by Big D February 18, 2005
The state of being in which one is being pwnt.
LOL! You just got pwnted m8!
by BIG D September 25, 2004

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