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4 definitions by BiZ

an instance when someone likes another person and/or wants to get in their pants and they persue that person for as long as it takes. ("mapping" out their plan.)
girl: "when he pulls me away a lot of times i cant tell if hes mapping me, or just trying to be friends."
girl2: "shit."
by biz July 22, 2005
3 2
a wanker, or stupid bastard
he's a pure chukter
by biz June 10, 2003
7 8
Masterbater of Anime
'NoMeD' loves the cock
by BiZ April 07, 2003
4 9
Short, chaotic burst if violence.
Biz! Biz! You just got cripped.
by Biz February 08, 2003
1 16