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A porterlithian is used to refer to most of the Porterville Ca. population.
"did you see that meth monster?"

"No, I'm driving. What do you expect from the poor porterlithian?"
by Bheagan_Aodh October 03, 2007
Someone who resides in Terra Bella Ca. Usually between the age of 18-35.
"isn't that guy a terrabellian?"

by Bheagan_Aodh October 03, 2007
The act of asking or looking or wanting drugs/sex/food etc. in a more aggressive way.

"Man.....man You know. I just tasted it, can I hit it again man?

"WTF cunt, you just hit it right before me!!! quit Fiending.
by Bheagan_Aodh October 03, 2007
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