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One who embraces life to the fullest. Promotes peace, love and happiness, but sure as hell sticks up for what they believe in. Anyone can be a hippie, not just that dirty dread-locked tie-dyed pothead with the dead shirt on. HIPPIES ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!
Jerry Garcia, All the amazing dead-heads, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, You, Me
by Bev December 13, 2004
a talantless wanker
by bev November 02, 2003
One who participates in gossip but doesn't see it.
I have said nothing!!!!!! I may have reported back on what I saw, but I
promise no gossip!!!!!!
by Bev July 01, 2004
This expresstion can be used to show large amounts of emotion
"Holy fuck! That tv is huge to the power of 7!"

Guy:How good is cake!?
Dude: Fucking good to the power of 7

Guy: So how bout this weather?
Dude: Fuck shithouse to the power of 7!
by bev November 02, 2003
bi bi
person 1: gtg bye
person 2: dih (means bi bi)
by bev July 04, 2003

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