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(n): A beautiful country in Central America bordering Colombia and Costa Rica. Pop: 3,000,000. It is home to the Panama Canal, providing access to ships from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

Rich in history and tradition, Panamanians are usually found to enjoy the magic of Seco (their traditional alcohol made of sugar cane), some good Plena (simmilar to Reggae, popular in Central America and the Caribbean), and spending lots of time in their beautiful beaches. They are characterized by their need to party, play soccer, and always have a good time.
Person 1: I had lots of fun partying and drinking on this bus that took me and my friends around!

Person 2: A moving bus with alcohol and a party?? Where was that!?

Person: A "chivita" ... in PANAMA!
by Betty21 June 08, 2005

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