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The manmade body of water that provides access to the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean to the Carribean Sea without necessitating a trip around Africa or through the near-impenetrable Arctic Ocean.
I don't think that there are (m)any piranhas in the Panama Canal.
by Diggity Monkeez April 02, 2005
33 18
Going anal and then proceeding onto oral sex with your penis.
Chris just gave Megan a panama canal.
by Ryan Russell & Brian Neal September 10, 2007
12 17
A sexual act in which you bridge the gap of a womans vagina and her anus by ejaculating inbetween the two, creating almost what can be considered a canal between the two areas.
I was butt fuckin this girl right, and I pulled out and gave her a panama canal.
by Division 6 September 14, 2006
21 28
The process of defecating between the breasts of woman, and subsequently letting the feces slide down her chest.
"I just gave her a Panama Canal."
"Did you enjoy your Panama Canal?"
by Brendan C. June 29, 2006
10 17
The area between a man's scrotum and his anus.
He got very excited when I played with his Panama Canal.
by Will love you long time February 13, 2011
1 11