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A douche bag guy who isn't appreciative of anything and uses the most awesome girl to get one of her best friends who already has a boyfriend..... He makes my sissy sad for reasons she doesn't even know and tells people to go 2 hell well I've gotta say-- I'm not the one who should go to hell you bastard; Mexican Santa; the stupidest piece of shit I know
Nicklaus: Oh I love you
Sissy: Oh I love you too :)

Nicklaus: I'm breaking up with you
Sissy: What?

*holds hand and she forgets everything*

Nicklaus: Oh I'm breaking up with you
Sissy: Oh yeah, good one :)
Nicklaus: No I love your best friend goodbye I'm going to ignore you forever now and be nice to all of your friends bye bye now

Sissy: Oh no I'm sad why do I care
Me: Ummmm yeah just stop caring he's a douche it's ok it's better now I'm here for you sissy :)

Sissy be dere for u gurl u don't need no dumb Meaxican Santa
by Best Sissy EVAHHHHH March 20, 2013

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