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short from Rikkarda (Italian), and it also means a good looking chick called Rikki
Rikki is a total babe
by Benzo July 20, 2003
RuneScape (Also refered as RS) is a MMORPG which was made 100% on java by a company named Jagex ltd. It includes many skills, quests, items, and mini games for all players at all ages to enjoy.
RS gamer 1: Hey I'm gonna play runescape later. We are gonna go wildy. You wanna come?

RS gamer 2: Sure! But first I have to buy some food to take.
by Benzo February 26, 2005
Kansas City Kansas, Wyandotte County like whoah.. anyone who lives in Johnson County.. also in KCK, is a complete jackass, full of rich homosexuals that live off there mommy and daddy.
In Kansas City, people who live in Johnson County are known as rich pussies.
by Benzo June 07, 2004

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