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A snapsey, or the self titled "Snapester" is a fugitive, best known for evading the old bill on numerous occasions. Often witnessed driving a 1986 Mini Cooper (vertically on two wheels) it also engages in other UN-believable acts. Legend states that a snapsey once out-drank the England rugby team in a "top shelf" pint contest. Other stories claim that the snapsey scaled Truro cathedral after a "rampant gangbang" and woke up clutching the edge protection of the east tower. The regularity and ambiguous nature of the Snapey stories has lead many to believe he is simply a no good bullshitter, incapable of creating interest by any way other than lying.
Gary: Oohh man, went out big style last night. Took a pedallo out to Africa and woke up in a tribes teepee.

Shaun: Fuck off Gary? You didn't leave your mums bedroom last night! You were reaching around her underwear draws trying to find her dildo?! Your such a snapsey!
by Bentnar January 31, 2011

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