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A computer nerd who loiters around usually of the Khaled variety. Has little or no social life and enjoys undertaking pointles tasks such as grating cheese, practicing finder line dancing infront of the mirror and poking lamps.
Perry ; that get has no social life i wonder what he does in his spare time
Chiino ; ye i bet hes a Bakari probably a khaled too
Perry ; gee what a weirdo lets avoid him forever
Morris ; ye good idea i hate Khaleds and Bakaris
by Benji-mon January 09, 2008
A typical waste man often found hanging around a leisure center or school most probably Rushcliffe. the sort of person u just want to walk up to and rip their nipples of! Most of them are uniks
God That guy is such a Khaled hes acting like a right Bakari!
by Benji-mon January 09, 2008

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