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The day after Thanksgiving Day, when shoppers flood retail shops for supposed holiday deals. Also known as "Black Friday" and sometimes celebrated as "Buy Nothing Day."
"I was so full of tofurkey, I didn't think I was going to be able to get up early to wait in line at the big box stores on Thingsgetting Day."
by Ben Timberlake April 10, 2007
The feeling one gets when embarassed for someone else. Often accompanied by a physical sensation.
This totally lame dude at the next restaurant booth was talking so loudly about how well he expected his date to go. I was getting the retarded tinglies.
by Ben Timberlake January 27, 2006
A person known to the speaker, but who does not know the speaker.
A manufactured word using the prefix "uni" and "acquaintance" to describe a phenomenon previously unlabeled by a single word.
I've heard plenty about Carol in accounting, but I'm sure she has no idea who I am. I consider her a unicquaintance.
by Ben Timberlake December 30, 2005
1. An expression of support for an effort, organization or person. Often comes after a list of achievements.

2. A paraphrase of Patrick Baron's hopes for Pope Benedict XVI upon the naming of the pontiff on April 20, 2005.
"Radiohead is totally turning the tables on the music industry. They're letting people set their own price for the new album, even giving it away for free. And I'm sure they'll continue World Youth Day!"

“It means that he’ll continue the great work of Pope John Paul! I’m sure he’ll continue World Youth Day! And … he’s just an awesome holy man!”
by Ben Timberlake November 01, 2007
Touring a city or town by running, often as part of normal exercise, but sometimes as a deliberate manner of seeing a place quickly.
It's my first time in Paris, but I only have a couple days there, so I'm planning to go sightjogging at least once to see more of the town.
by Ben Timberlake January 29, 2015

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