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An international congregation of young Catholics, which takes place approximately every 1-3 years. Each event is visited by hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of obnoxious pilgrims, who (in the spirit of the Catholic Church, nay! in the spirit of religion in general) flock to their holy destinations, adopting a downright ignorant and therefore religiously hypocritical stance to the ever-so-obvious problems faced by so many others back in their mother countries. With countries such as Brazil and Mexico, which evidently face hunger problems, as well as various African countries whose HIV/AIDS disasters can be directly attributed to the Catholic church's fascistic stranglehold on both their governments and people, millions of tax-payer dollars is seen poured directly into funding this money-making scandal.
World Youth Day is a twenty-first century money-making scandal and should not be attended by anybody with the most miniscule sense of social equality.
by pens nizzle July 26, 2008
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