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5 definitions by Ben Offiler

1) In a sticky situation, that is of great danger or potential embarrassment.

2) When something goes wrong and no other word can explain the annoyance.....Flumox
"Oh Flumox I forgot to clean out the fish... now he's gone..."
"So you lost the car in a bet..... What a flumox!"
by Ben Offiler August 30, 2007
25 9
1) Term used to describe an extremely nice slice of cake.
2) How the word "cake" can be said with a strange on-put accent.
"Dayum i gotta get me some o' that Cayuc."
"Yo... hand me the Cayuc Mam."
by Ben Offiler April 08, 2008
7 0
Firstly wrote as Frube but has expanded using the 1337 style of text for a more comic and "cool" approach.

Can also be used as an insult or slur.

Extentions on this word have been Fr00beN00dle
1) "Hungry for a Fr00be anyone?!"
2) "Don't be such a Fr00be and leave me alone!"
by Ben Offiler April 09, 2008
6 1
From the yogurt called a "Frube" now used as an insult or curse when annoyance is present.

|See Fr00be for more info.|
1) "Don't stand on my toe you absolute Fr00bN00dle!"
2) "Oh Fr00beN00dle I forgot the Cake!"
by Ben Offiler April 09, 2008
7 2
A form of verbal abuse used to call someone who is an extremely silly or foolish person.
"Whos stole my pet cat?!... Was you! Dang that Frankie!"
by Ben Offiler April 08, 2008
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