84 definitions by Ben Dover

who to blame when your job has been sent to Asia
I had a good paying job until walmart opened
by Ben Dover January 19, 2004
fucking the shit out of your girl
i pounded the shit outta linsays fine ass
by ben dover December 06, 2004
when peter "comes" in through the back door with or without his rubbers on
In order to achieve sodomy, you must leave your back door open so peter can "come" inside as he pleases
by Ben Dover November 07, 2003
Anal sex. When a man inserts his cock into another mans ass and fucks him until he shoots his load up the mans ass.
"Give me a good bumming, I want to feel your hard cock pounding my ass. Fuck me hard, I want your cum up my ass"
by Ben Dover August 05, 2003
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a 1964 chevy impala
i was hittin switches in my six fo
by Ben Dover April 14, 2003
The term used when describing gay foreplay when one man ejaculates inside another mans rectum, and then sips it with a straw.
After Marcus came into Zacks ass he went shrimpin and drank it out with a straw.
by Ben Dover November 08, 2004
a strict follower of the bible even when it contradicts common sense, a closed-minded person who will only do what god tells them or what was written thousands of years ago in the bible.
If jesus told me blow up the world, I would do it because I am a bible bitch
by Ben Dover March 03, 2004

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