3 definitions by Belgian fool

When you wake up in the morning with your arm under your body, and you lift it up and its all numb and you cant feel it. You then decide to jerk off with your numb arm making it seem like another person is giving you a hand job.
"Since i had a morning wood and my arm was numb, i thought it be a good idea to use the morning stranger to rub one out quickly on my cum rag i keep under the bed"-Alex Willard
by Belgian fool February 18, 2010
A Belgian Waterfall is when a guy ejaculates in his partners mouth then tickles them intensly to the point that the semen shoots out their nose. The same way that orange juice comes out your nose when you laugh.
Alex Willard received a belgian waterfall from Micho the other night and had to go get surgery on his nose.
by Belgian fool February 18, 2010
The thin brown piece of cloth that is always located in the crotch region of womens tights and bathing suits. This protective layer prevents heavy periods from gushing all over the place. Also prevents camel toes.
I am so glad these pair of tights have period patches otherwise my huge vagina would have bled everywhere!
by Belgian fool February 18, 2010

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