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Nickname for the popular poker website PokerStars.

The name comes from the masses of fairly good poker players that get bad beats by donks or n00bs.
Guy#1. I got dealt pocket aces and moved all in.
Guy#2. Yeah?
Guy#1. Yeah. 3 people called me, one had kings, one had queens, the other had 2's.
Guy#2. Wow, guess you won a big pot.
Guy#1. Shit no! Flop came Ace King Queen, we all hit trips, except the last guy, who was practically drawing dead. Pot was as good as mine, turn card was a 2 and and river was a 2 to give the n00b quad deuces.
Guy#2. You were obviously playing on JokerStars dawg!
by Beeth October 02, 2007
A website that defines bands by naming their genre and other such information; thus immortalising this information and making it final.

People visit this site then think they become the TRU MASTAS OF METAL!!!111 because they can read that Pig Destroyer are Grindcore.
Internet guy 1: Dude Cannibal Corpse are pretty good.
Internet guy 2: lol no i dunt like gore metal.
Internet guy 1: CC is death metal.
Internet guy 2: ermm dont fink so metal-archives said it's death/gore metal so there not death metal idiot!
by Beeth January 17, 2006
Many attractive ladies in any defined area.
Guy #1: Shit man, check all that scattered ass all up in that club!
Guy #2: You know we be rollin' up in there.
Guy #1: Hollllaaa!
by Beeth May 06, 2008
1. Main character in the original Star Trek series. Commander of the Enterprise.

2. Cockney rhyming slang for "work".
1. Guy #1: "d00d pickard r00lz!!"
Guy #2: "Kirk could kick Picard's ass!"

2. Guy #1: "You want some vodka?"
Guy #2: "Can't man, got Captain Kirk tomorrow."
Guy #1: "Shut up and get that down your Gregory Peck!"
by Beeth October 29, 2007
Someone who is sexually attracted to older people.

Pronounced "oh ay peedo".
Guy #1: Dude Madonna is so freaking hot!
Guy #2: Are you serious!? She's like 75!
Guy #1: She's still hot, asshole!
Guy #2: You're such an OAPaedo.
by Beeth September 22, 2007
The bloodshot appearance of the eyeball after playing video games for a long period of time.
Ex. 1: "Dude what's up with your eye?"
"I was playing C&C3 till like 4am"
"You got some serious Xbox eye"
"Yeah, well, GDI can kiss my ass"

Ex. 2: "Dude I can't play Halo 3 anymore, I got a serious case of Xbox eye"
by Beeth April 14, 2008
A collective noun for the many grammatical, idiomatic and intellectual mistakes commited by the legendary Woody.

Ex #1. "I thought they were speaking Mexican". - Regarding Los Ganados in Resident Evil 4

Ex #2. "Someone'll have to give him RSPCA". - Referring to someone that had passed out.

Ex #3. "Right-wing society? Isn't that when you have Stockholm Syndrome?" - During a discussion about politics.

Ex #4. "Yeeeeeeee!" - Common rebuttal to pretty much any statement.
by Beeth January 22, 2008
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