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In a threesome involving 2 guys and one girl where the girl is penetrated both anally and vaginally the person who places his or her hands on the woman's taint to keep the gentlemen's balls from touching.
Yeah, I had a threesome last night...no...not the good kind...and we didn't even have a referee.
by Beef Swellington January 30, 2009
Oral sex performed by a man or woman that is neither stimulating or exciting. Usually performed by someone who has either no oral sex skills or just doesn't care about their partner's pleasure.
I fell asleep while my girlfriend was giving me head...I can't be blamed it was complete boral sex.
by Beef Swellington January 30, 2009
A random thought that comes into your head during masturbation of sexual or of non-sexual nature that totally kills your hard-on or prevents ejaculation.
I was jerking off to internet porn and an image of my mom popped into my head and jerk bombed me.
by Beef Swellington January 27, 2009
A vagina that is wider than it is long. Usually associated with prostitutes, strippers, and porn stars.
I think the girl I hooked up with last night was stripper...she had bologna tulip.
by Beef Swellington January 27, 2009
A shit so massive the top pokes out of the water similar to a glacier but made of shit instead of ice.
I need to eat more fiber I just dropped the biggest chocolate glacier.
by Beef Swellington July 01, 2009
A high level of alcoholic inebriation that causes the inebriated to close one eye and can only converse through stuttering.
No thanks on the shots of tequila if I drink one more I will become a stuttering pirate.
by Beef Swellington January 27, 2009
Proof of victory between a girl on girl catfight usually involving a weave or wig.
I could tell Nina had won the fight because she had Kmartina's wig as a fist full of doll hairs.
by Beef Swellington January 27, 2009
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