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An empty carapice of a person who has been abducted by aliens and has been brainwashed with extremely conservative, Republican, and evangelical ideals. The walmartian is actually part of a massive conspiracy to overthrow the American government by voting for horrid right wing politicians and destroying local economies. Walmartians are forced to spend the majority of their lives in Walmarts so that they can be brainwashed with the newest alien plans. They are most often spotted at 2-5 AM in very large groups talking loudly with hick dialects and beating their wives/children/husbands while trying to find the gunrack aisle. They lack any intelligence and cannot be reasoned with. If you come into contact with one, avoid eye contact and try to remain absolutely still. The walmartian cannot see movement due to the bright lights in their hives.
1. James: I heard the walmartians are going to nominate Judge Roy Moore for president.
Robert: Shit, we're all screwed.

2. Alexa: Last time I went to Walmart, I got stuck in line between two packs of walmartians.
by Beebe May 14, 2006

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