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2 definitions by BecBec

Someone who is completely naive or innocent who you could never picture doing anything sexual. Usually refers to males. Not based on physical appearance.
"He's SUCH a baby penguin!!!"
"I know! Girls are too sexual for him..."
by becbec February 03, 2012
Torture device used by swimmers to strengthen upper body. Sometimes used with weights and/or bands to make it even harder. Often used under the supervision of Meredith or John, in which case cheating is not possible.
Bridget: "guess what! worst news of my life! my mom might buy a vasa for my house!"

Swimmer: "oh my god this vasa is so hard, I can't do it anymore."
John/Meredith: "come on, keep going, its only 3 on the 1:00 fly! make sure your recovery position is correct."
Swimmer: (dying)
by BecBec January 14, 2007