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1. To have sexual intercourse.

2. An exclamation made when stuffed something up.

3. What Bushy and her Schmootzy Poo do.
Girl 1: Guess what I did in the public toilets! :D
Girl 2: *oh god..* What!
Girl 1: I had a Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck .. WITH MY SCHMOOTZY POO!
by Bec Loves Kes :D October 07, 2011
Kes is a beautiful and amazing girl who everybody loves. She is loud and hilarious, and can seem kinda scary at times, but once you get to know her she is the most kind, caring and loving girl you'll ever meet, and will always be there for you when you need it most. Kes listens to heavy-metal and screamo music, and she is very defensive about this, she also thinks religion is a load of bullocks. Everybody loves Kes, because she is just so amazing!

Tyler annoys her. <3
Girl 1: Who is that girl over there?
Girl 2: The really pretty one running around screaming 'YOU'D FUCK LIKE A.. WHOOOOOOOOOORE'?
Girl 1: Yeah, she's gorgeous, she can get in my panties anyay, so who is she?
Girl 3: THAT'S KES, AND SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND! She is alaso a slimy git :D
by Bec Loves Kes :D October 07, 2011

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