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Geechee is another term for the Gullah people who live in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia including both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands. They are Black/African Americans. The origin of the word have a few suggested sources...after the Ogeechee River near Savannah, Georgia; from Kissi, an ethnic group living in the border area between Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia or from a Creek Indian word. Because of geography, climate, and patterns of importation of enslaved Africans, the Gullah are known for preserving more of their African linguistic and cultural heritage than any other African-American community in the United States. The Lowcountry region was know for its rice production. African farmers from the "Rice Coast" brought skills for rice cultivation and the rice industry became very successful. Malaria and yellow fever kept many plantation owners away from the Lowcountry leaving their Black overseers in charge. The isolation from the mainland and little contact from whites fostered an environment where they developed a culture unique to America.
Geechee saying:
"Hunnuh mus tek cyare de root fa heal de tree."
by Bebe Doris February 09, 2010
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