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a word used in reference to a coke dealer that you do not personally know
"So who's this snowman, is his shit good??"
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
finely powdered cocaine
"Thank god we got snow this time, I'm so sick of snorting the usual gravel!"
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
a line used by females or homosexual men to facilitate conversation with a buff guy
So do you lift? yeah i can totally tell, you look big
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
noun; foot garment used by flatchested females or underendowed males to create an illusion of fullness or "bulge"
verb; to use sock(s) for above purposes
"Look at dat bitch Kat, she socked tonight!"
"Look at that fool Matt, you know he used a sock"
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
a willingly sober person, often becomes the DD aka designated driver for sexual favors from the drunks he/she carts around
"When is Will gonna get here? You know we are too drunk to drive, so who wants to blow the sobie when we get home?
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003

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