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1. An herbal infusion of the leaves of the plant Camelia sinensis consumed as a caffeinated beverage. Originally a Chinese development, tea spread throughout the Far East in ancient times, and then to the West.

2. The evening meal. Mainly this applies in the UK and former Commonwealth countries.

2. An older term meaning the smoked drug derived from Cannabis sativa, i.e. marijuana. This use of the term dates at least as far back as the 1930s.
"Good Tea is My Weakness" -- Sidney Bechet
by Beaters October 02, 2008
Marijuana. Slang, obsolete, black sub-culture, dating to at least 1930s.
"Here Comes The Man With The Jive!" (title of song)
-- Stuff Smith And His Onyx Club Boys
by Beaters September 04, 2007

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