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a sweet smelling pussy that has been relatively unmolestered by the hand of man. You would not mind snacking on one of these sweet treats
the purple helmet warrior went on a quest to smash the pink cookie. Upon finding this sweet delight the legendary warrior smashed in the cookie and that is what legends are made of.
by Bean,Dave May 18, 2005
when the fanny gymen releases a high pressure jet of fishy juice from within the gash at a moment of extreme pleasure. This can shock the recieving party who gets hosed down by this beaver juice.
Oh my god that beaver just opened up and squirted me in the eye. Wash out with warm water to aviod infection, if irritation occurs seek medical advise. If swallowed has no nutritional value. I now stink like the inside of a haddock pasty
by Bean,Dave May 18, 2005
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