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A slang word for a large circumsized penis
Paul has a purple helmet warrior
by Steve December 06, 2004
Slang word for the penis
Jimmy likes to slap his purple helmet warrior
by darryl February 05, 2003
The best dodgeball team to exist, ever. 2006 Richland high school champs. Had to put athletic tape over some parts of shirts. Shirt design was a young boy with a pot on his head and holding a billy club. The billy club was thought to represent a fallace by the administration and faculty. Team members incuded Capt. Winkie, The Kickstand, Pocket Rocket, Hamburger, Skeeter, Barely There, iMonster, and Courtney.
"Hey did you see the Purple Helmet Warriors destroy the sophomores in dodgeball?"

by yeliab nodnarb April 11, 2009
the penis which is evidentaly the biggest thing a man has! just listen to the song Pet Names for a Penis by Tom Green and you'll understand.
woah dude like his purple helmet warrior is bigger than mine, oh well i guess i'll just have to stick with 11 inches...
by kkkkkara June 26, 2006
When a Penis's head is bigger than the rest of the penis, Looking like a " helmet ."
My penis's head is bigger than my shaft, I think I might have a Purple-Helmet Warrior.
by squeezemasta June 17, 2011
a tall and proud thing of massive dignity, wears the helmet of the Nazi's in WWII only purple without the spike(so it can be put to good use without the pain)
James likes to fuck with the purple helmet warrior
by Colored Monkeys August 18, 2003