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when a man inserts his penis into a womans vagina, sometimes making a baby
Aly was laying on her couch, in just a bra and panties, under a blanket. She was so comfortable, she fell asleep. When she opened her eyes, there was a man sitting on her, getting ready to shove his beautiful penis in her hot pussy. She didn't object, just let him fuck her hard. SHE WANTED MORE, MORE!!! He fucked her from behind, jemming that hot penis into her ass. Then he let her lick his dick and stroke it, until he cummed all over her! She loved it!!!He squeezed her boobs, sucked her milk, did everything she could ever want and more. She fell asleep, and he was still fucking her. Her parents came home, saw them, and wanted to get in on it. They had sex while Aly and the man had it, and the women were being pegged hard! They loved it! 9 months later, Aly's sister and her daughter were born, and they were ready to do it again!
by BeStxOfxmE5 May 01, 2007

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