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3 definitions by Bas-

one of manc origin who has sexual intercourse with a fellow manc male who goes by the name of "hacwa".

ALso known as "quitter of q2 duels" as he tends to leave halkf way through if the scores arent....good for him :)
melz u slag
ur wank
by Bas- April 30, 2003
4 1
person who spends far too much on a wank shitty little escort. His alloy wheels probably cost more than the entire car, yet he still spends more doing it up. Also spends gd know shw much on repairs each week
see also: townie and Kev
unholy is a fag....KEV
by Bas- April 30, 2003
10 26
Sexy, stunning and absolutely amazin. His quake 2 and 3 skills surpass anyone living. See also: Player!
Bas is sexy!
by Bas- April 30, 2003
85 330