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3 definitions by Bartholomew Cubbins

the shocked look on one's face as they realize they have not farted as they expected, but indeed sharted instead. shart face most commonly occurs during public sharts.
Dude I was talking to Sarah and I was really nervous and had to fart. But then I sharted and I had the worst shart face. Fuck.
by Bartholomew Cubbins February 09, 2011
9 0
(v) to betray, swindle, or short side anyone in a devious and/or cowardly fashion.
He totally maucked me after I took his girlfriend out to the woods and bhhhhoned her
by Bartholomew Cubbins October 28, 2009
8 0
to whip out one's chubby, bust on a leather glove, and smack someone in the face with it
i totally kecked a girl last night
by Bartholomew Cubbins October 28, 2009
34 101