11 definitions by Barry Flomar

v. To cough and choke on semen after performing oral sex on a male. When some of the ejaculate is basically inhaled rather than swallowed.
That was the first time I have ever sexpectorated after giving head...The size and force of his spload was so incredible that I must been caught off guard!!!
by Barry Flomar January 24, 2004
A male who is sexually aroused and gratified by watching his female partner being pleasured before he takes her like a viking pirate rendering her breathless and helplessly entranced.
My saty is always surprising me with his viking voyeurism. I love his surprises!
by Barry Flomar January 21, 2004
adj. When a male has an excessive amount of sexual endurance. His energy is so high that he usually ends up fucking his partners into virtual stupors. One who possesses scrumpinstamina is usually multiorgasmic.
My guy has such scrumpinstamina that after I swallowed his spload he proceeded to cum six more times!!!
by Barry Flomar January 18, 2004
n. A male who is deliciously sexy; Erotically and arousingly attractive. One who is able to make women burn with desire.
In a word...Brett
by Barry Flomar January 29, 2004

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